Lifecast Gallery

Here are a few photographs of my Lifecasts.

This a Plaster Pregnancy Lifecast of Emma: White and Stone Effect Finishes

This is of Rita. This is a Plaster Lifecast with a Bronze Wax Finish:

Three images are of Linda's Lifecast:

In it's raw plaster state: Trimmed and with a Black Gloss Finish: Linda with her finished Lifecast.

The images above are of Jade Cartwright and her Plaster Lifecast in natural plaster and with a stone effect finish

Above is Joceline and myself with her Black Resin Lifecast with Rope Harness

The first lifecast below (Female Torso) is of LadyBS. Photographs of it being made can be seen in the Lifecast Artist at Work gallery. The second photo is of the finished Lifecast and the third show LadyBS with her Lifecast

above: Sarah 'Plaster Torso' and Detail

above: Bottom Cast & Detail of the Lacy Knickers